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How do I import a wallet?
How do I import a wallet?

If you want to import a wallet into Copper Unlimited follow the steps below

Written by Jeremy Fong
Updated over a week ago
  1. Once logged in to Copper Unlimited click on “Create or import multi-sig wallet” or click the plus icon next to Wallets in your dashboard

  2. Click “Import wallet”

  3. Enter a name for your wallet, select the currency and click the next button

  4. Enter the seed for the wallet you want to import.
    (Optional: If you used a BIP39 passphrase extension to encrypt the seed click the "Use your additional seed word" button and enter your custom seed word here. Please note the custom seed word is case sensitive.)

  5. Your distributed keys will be generated and you’ll be prompted to save each encrypted key file

  6. Enter key holder name and set a password for each of the distributed keys. These can then be sent off to the respective key holder (Tip: never send the key and password in the same method)

  7. Once completed you’ll be prompted to select a key file to store on your computer. This is your key

  8. Your new wallet will be available on your Copper Unlimited dashboard

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