How do I withdraw funds?

Want to withdraw funds? Here are the steps on how to withdraw both fiat and crypto

  1. Click the manage funds button, this will take you to the manage funds screen

  2. Select the account you want to withdraw funds from

  3. In the “to” account dropdown select External

  4. Select the currency and amount you want to withdraw

  5. In the external address field select the address or account you’d like to withdraw to or set a new address

  6. The page will display an overview of the withdrawal

  7. Click “Move funds” to complete*

  8. Once completed you’ll get an email informing you of the successful receipt and allocation of your funds, as well as a record in your transaction history showing the withdrawal

*If you have co-sign enabled this will generate a request for the other co-signees to approve before the withdrawal can be completed. Co-sign requests will display at the top of your transaction history. Once approved, the withdrawal request will be sent to our compliance team who will review and approve the withdrawal and allocate the funds into the selected account.

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